Kindergarten Musicians       

 meet every three days for 45-minute classes.

            Musical demonstrations are scheduled for:



Emphasis in the music curriculum during early childhood includes building a wealth of internalized song literature from which future music concepts will be introduced. Through folk songs, folk dances and expressive movement activities to music, children become aware of the space around them and begin to feel comfortable expressing them self musically. Other concepts that will be presented include:

  • Steady beat,
  • Finding the singing voice,  
    Exposure to a variety of folk songs and folk dances
  • Movement to music,
  • Classroom instrument identification and playing techniques.
  • Up/down, on xylophone and keyboards 
  • Shape, sound and color recognition,
  • High/Low,
  • Soft/Loud,
  • Fast/Slow,
  • Pitch exploration.








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