First Grade

First Grade Musicians

meet once every three days for 45-minute classes.

A musical demonstration is scheduled for:

Concepts addressed in the Music curriculum include a continuation of the Kindergarten objectives while expanding to include:

  • Quarter note,
  • Quarter Rest, 
  • Eighth note paired, 
  • High/Low, 
  • Solfege pitches and intervals of Sol Mi (m s), La (lsm, msl, lm, ml), 
  • Numbers of the lines and spaces on the treble staff, 
  • Drawing noteheads and stems correctly on the music staff,
  • Question and answer form in musical activities (AB),
  • "Peter and the Wolf" by Prokovief
  • Haydn and his many symphonies
  • Introduction to the keyboard, chimes, handbells, boomwackers and xylophone instruments. 
  • Identification and playing techniques for simple classroom percussion instruments.
  • Creating and notating a 4 measure composition,
  • Opportunities to play the computer games-Music Play and Music Ace.