Performance Rubric

Band Performance Rubric
Circle: Band Performance Level Year: 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 C
Proficiency LevelBeginningDevelopingSecure

Winds: Sound Quality
Percussion: Sticking
String: Bowing/Picking
Keyboard: Fingering
Tone is thin, unsupported, or forced most of the timeTone lacks full clarity and support, especially in outer ranges and volumesMature, focused, clear, consistently well-supported tone in all ranges and volumes

How high/low note is
Pitch (note) and or/adjustment problems in many areasPitch (note) problems in some areas, especially during technical passages. Adjustment skills are still developingAccurate pitch (notes) in all ranges and registers. Adjustments are made instantly


The arrangement of notes of different duration
Numerous errorsSome errors, especially during technical passagesPrecision in all rhythms

Dynamics (loud/soft/etc.)
Articulation (short/long)
Phrasing (musical sentences)
Tempo (speed)
Style (rock/jazz/classical)
Numerous errors;
rigid and mechanical most of the time;
most expressive elements are missing
Rigid and mechanical some of the time; some expressive elements are missingMusical, confident; sensitivity enhances performance, makes a musical statement

Performance areas (listed above)
Concert Etiquette
Personal & Group Success & Areas of Need
Single-word answers do not provide enough information for improvement to be madeAnswer provides only general feedback about the area of critique or an in-depth critique of only some of the areas of performanceCritique provides accurate analysis of current state of each area of critique and does so using a thorough analysis of the performance