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Students will be supplied a band uniform to use for marching performances.  Students must supply a music lyre to hold their music if they wish to have the music while marching.  Students also must supply black shoes and socks.

For indoor performances we often wear "dress black": this consists of a white shirt and black pants (or knee length skirt for girls) along with black shoes and socks.

Required for all students: cleaning/polishing cloth and music stand for practicing at home
Optional for all students: metronome/tuner

Flute: cleaning rod and cloth

Oboe & Bassoon: at least 2 reeds at all times in a plastic reed case, cleaning swab, cork grease

Clarinet & Saxophone: at least 4 reeds at all times in a plastic reed case, cork grease, cleaning swab

Valve Brass Instruments: valve oil, slide grease, mutes

Trombone: slide cream & small water spray bottle OR slide oil, tuning slide grease, mutes

Percussion: stick bag, drum sticks, medium yarn mallets, medium-hard plastic mallets; optional: medium timpani mallets, bell and snare set for practice at home, brushes

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