John Long Middle School Music Department Syllabus and Expectations

Mr. Arendt (choir)




Welcome to a new school year!  The middle school music program focuses on musical knowledge and skills along with standards for music performance.  We teach through a blended approach of teacher-delivered lessons and interactive Smartboard activities while focusing on musicianship and performance. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. 



Be an engaged participant with open ears and an open mind.



·         Holiday Concert, Tuesday, December 4, 7:00pm, JLMS Gymnasium

·         Lake Moraine Honors Festival, Saturday, January 26, West Bend

·         Chili Day, Saturday, February 2, 11:00am, GHS Gymnasium/Cafeteria

·         Solo & Ensemble Festival, Saturday, February 23, Hosted by John Long (optional)

·         Spring Concert, Tuesday, May 14, 7:00pm, JLMS Gymnasium


Concert Dress for Fall, Holiday and Spring Performances

·         Black/Navy Blue dress pants/knee-length skirt

·         Dark socks and dress shoes

·         Solid white dress shirt (morning Choirs – performance top for group)


Concert Dress for Chili Day and Solo & Ensemble Festival

·         Nice school-appropriate dress clothes

·         No jeans, t-shirts or athletic shoes


Concert Dress for Lake Moraine Honors Festival

·         Black/Navy Blue dress pants/knee-length skirt

·         Dark socks and dress shoes

·         Lake Moraine t-shirt (supplied)



There are two categories in which your academic growth and achievement will be measured.

·         Summative Assessments 70% (Concerts and Tests)

·         Benchmarks 30%  (Quizzes)


Concerts (Summative Assessment – 70%)

Concerts are assessments used to determine how students have progressed with skills and concepts taught in class. Students will use the Performance Evaluation Form as an evaluation tool for the grading of concerts.  Grades are recorded in the online gradebook and will count in the calculation of the quarter grade.


Tests (Summative Assessments – 70%)

Tests are assessments used to measure what skills and concepts students have learned. Tests can be either written or performance based. Tests are graded and will be recorded in the online gradebook and will count in the calculation of the quarter grade. Students are assessed and receive feedback in a number of ways during class leading-up to testing. Prior to testing, students are given chances to demonstrate mastery of material during class and/or lessons.

Corrective Assessments

Corrective Assessments are available to students when mastery on a concept has not been demonstrated.  Students who do not show mastery of the standards will be given the opportunity to complete a corrective assessment.  Before the corrective assessment can be given, the student must meet with the teacher for instruction and review. Students have 10 days to complete the corrective assessment. If a student has failed to complete the assessment within ten days, the original assessment grade will become final. Parents will be notified by the teacher in the event of a failing assessment grade.  All assessments must be completed by the last student school day.


Participation (Citizenship Rubric used for Grade Report)

In order to be successful in band or choir, it is essential that students participate properly in class. Proper participation includes the following:

·         Singing when directed

·         Being an active listener

·         Being a respectful member of the group


Concert Absences

Concerts are an essential component to the choir program, and are our way of showing our mastery of concepts that we are studying. On the very rare situation that a student must miss a concert, notification must be made with a written contact from a parent/guardian. Any student who misses a concert will be required to show their mastery of the material by performing their group’s songs for Mr. Arendt. After this “make-up” performance, the student will complete the Performance Evaluation Form.