The Kurzweil 13 version purchased by the Grafton School District can be installed and accessed from a home computer.

Here are some steps for how to download the install the program.

The Win7/XP version:       www.kurzweiledu.com/installv13   (note:  1.9GB download)     You probably want to perform this download from a wired network computer rather than a wireless connection.        

If you have a 64-bit system, it requires separate installations for the
Virtual Printer and Taskbar. Both installers are in the x64 folder:

The Apple Mac version:       ftp://ftp.kurzweiledu.com/pub/kurzweil3000/mac/v5/
         (select the latest .web.dmg install file)

After you download and unzip the file, run the Setup.exe
Select "Web Licensing Software" in the Installation Dialog Box.

After you install, please check for and download any updates to the program.

Kurzweil Updates

With this version you can upload files to a shared (cloud) location to open anywhere with Firefly.

Student usernames and passwords are the same as their network accounts except you need to add a "gr" to the end of the username.
example smithjoh000 would be smithjoh000gr in Kurzweil
Student passwords are the same as their initial network password. If a student changes their network password at school, it will not change their Kurzweil password.