Keyboarding Practice at Home

To all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade parents,
Grafton Schools is using an online software program this year for students to practice keyboarding skills at school and at home.  Your child can log into 
 at any time to continue practicing their keyboard skills.        ( 
note Account ID= graftonsd )
Jennifer Griffith, Digital Information and Media Specialist,  is working with elementary classrooms to cover the introductory lessons for proper keyboard technique.
Please encourage your child to periodically practice on a standard size keyboard at home so that they can become more proficient in keyboarding.   The link can be found on the Student Links page on each elementary school web page.
The students use the same username and password as they do to access their Google Drive to sign in to EduTyping. The Account ID for EduTyping is graftonsd.

Tips for Good Keyboarding Technique:
  • Sit up on chair; feet on the floor                            Elbows at sides; shoulders relaxed
  • Fingertips touch keyboard; wrists up                   Hands anchored on Home Row
  • Keep eyes on what you are keying from
***Speed is not as important as technique.  With correct technique, the speed and accuracy will naturally happen!
Grade Level Keyboarding Goals (by end of school year):
    3rd - 15 WPM
    4th - 20 WPM
    5th - 25 WPM
If you have additional questions, you can contact Jennifer Griffith at