Dreambox Login and iPad Information

NOTE: Mandatory iPad® App Update available now. Download the August 1st update for continued access to DreamBox and access to new K-5 and Middle School content. Here'show to update.

DreamBox Home Login
DreamBox Learning is an excellent research based program that the district has purchased for our students. The program aligns with our core math program Stepping Stones and provides individualized math learning for all.  Click more for information regarding logging in at home, the parent dashboard and general guidelines for use.  

Parent Dashboard 
To access a dashboard to view your child's progress, have your child log into Dreambox, then click on "Set Up Parent Access"   in the lower right. Follow the screen prompts to create your parent profile and password.

DreamBox Parent Letter (Directions and Guidelines for Use)

Accessing DreamBox at Home
Computer Directions
Visit the Grafton School District home page: www.grafton.k12.wi.us
Under the “Schools” tab, choose your child’s school
On the right side of the page click on “Student Links”
Choose “DreamBox Learning”
Students will click on their school, teacher, and then their name
Students will then enter their password. (Note K-1st have picture passwords)

iPad Directions
Download the app from the app store: DreamBox
Enter your school code: 
Woodview: bphf/woodviewe 
Kennedy: bphf/kennedye 
GES: bphf/graftone
Students should then select their teacher, their name, and enter their password