AIM - Applied Interdisciplinary Math

What is AIM?

This is a dual credit, in-house course allowed under WI DPI High School Graduation Standards Wisconsin Statute 118.33 (1) c. "The school board shall award a pupil up to one mathematics credit for successfully completing in the high school grades a career and technical education course that the school board determines satisfies a mathematics requirement, but may not award any credit for that course if the school board awards any credit for that same course under subd. 1. d.".

Students taking CTE (Career & Technical Education) courses use mathematics on a daily basis. 

Students gather data, make measurements, use charts and graphs, and determine action to be taken based on applying mathematics to specific CTE disciplines.  

In order to meet the DPI requirement for math required for graduation (High School Graduation Standards Wisconsin Statute 118.33 (1) c.), Applied Interdisciplinary Math (AIM) requires CTE course participation at an above average level (final grade of B or A) and promotes cross disciplinary collaboration between the math and the CTE educators.  

The benefit to students is a deeper understanding of the math directly involved in their CTE classes and a 1/4 credit of math per semester of class.

Carl Hader,
Jul 17, 2015, 5:55 AM