About Grafton 4K

4K Children in the Grafton School District work towards securing and mastering the following skills by the end of the year:

Social and Emotional Development

Students work to develop social and emotional skills through interactions with peers and adults. Essential skills include developing self-control, taking turns, sharing, and cooperation.

Approaches to Learning

Students will demonstrate persistence during activities and build upon their stamina throughout the course of the year. Children will explore imaginatively and inventively through self-expression.

Health and Physical Development

Children will learn self-care skills leading to increased independence. Children will gain precision of movement through fine motor activities and strength, speed, and coordination through gross motor activities.

Language Development and Communication

Children will listen, speak, read, write, and draw to express their thinking. Students will gain essential foundational literacy skills through exploration of books, singing, poetry, and exploring concepts of print.

Cognition and General Knowledge

Students will engage in mathematical and logical thinking through play, exploration, and direct instruction. Children will investigate ideas, count, recognize patterns, and solve problems with one another.