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Chili Day is coming, 2/14/16!!

What IS Chili Day?

You might wonder if your child is new to music or maybe even if your child has been in a musical program for a while, what IS Chili Day all about? 

Chili Day is a concert organized by the Grafton Music Parents(a group similar to Boosters who support all music students in the district)for the purpose of raising funds for the Grafton School District's music programs. One of our most recent contributions to the music program has been funding the bussing that was recently eliminated from the district's budget this past year for the cadet band students, saving parents huge bussing fees and the headache of figuring out how to get their student to school after cadet band!

If you are interested in other areas our fundraising dollars are spent on the Grafton Music Program, see the link for Wish List Purchases on this website.  

 To get involved, donate or give back call 375-9461!






This has been a very busy year for Grafton Music Parents. Not only do we have a brand new board, but we also are taking on Chili Day AND helping with Solo Ensemble a few weeks later! We are searching for volunteers to help us in several areas on the days of the events, but also are looking for people with certain talents throughout the year. Specifically we need:

web design/newsletter

artistic talents/sign making

deal makers



Members at large

Email us if you have any questions or want to join us, or come to a meeting - all are welcome. See our contacts page for times and numbers.