• Daily Assignments: are created to help the students practice the material before they are tested on it.  They should complete all daily assignments and make corrections if needed. 
  • Quizzes: If a student would like to make up a quiz they need to meet with me and complete this before the test.

As long as we are still in that unit, they can continue to make as many corrections as they need to gain mastery in the concept.

After the test for that unit, no more late work will be accepted.


  • Projects: will include a rubric that students should review before handing in.  The corrections for projects are the same for daily assignments (must be done before the test and as many times as they need to show mastery). 
  • Tests: the students receive reviews for every single unit.  They should complete these reviews not only to help them succeed on each test, but they will also help them with the final exam.  

Corrections for tests can be made up to a week after the test.  The student must meet with me to go over what they did not understand and set up a time to retake it.

I will gladly meet any student after school that needs extra help and wants to work.  The student just needs to talk with me about when we will be meeting and I will set aside time to work with them.