There is so much to tell you, so I will be adding links about interesting (albeit useless) items all year long. In addition, this whole idea of editing a website is pretty new to me, so I will be working on it quite a bit over time.
  A bit about me: 
  • When I began teaching at JLMS, New Kids on the Block had almost missed their chance at a contract; luckily for my first students, they caught a lucky break and made it big.
  • I have seen our building go from having a payphone and a mimeograph machine to having a Star Trek tricorder in everyone's pocket and the ability to share documents at a moment's notice.
  • The most important aspects of education have not changed much; the modes of delivery have.
  • My formal education has taken place at Marquette University High School, The Catholic University of America -- Washington, D.C., The University of Stirling - Scotland, Marian University, UW-Whitewater, and Cardinal Stritch.  My real education is ongoing, and I love pursuing professional development in classes and continual professional reading.
  • More to come . . .