Class Expectations



- Please have appropriate "sneakers" at school for your child to change into on "PE days". 
- Appropriate gym shoes do not include: Snow Boots, Crocs, Sandals, Flip Flops, Dress Shoes, and Slippers.
- Appropriate gym shoes should cover the whole heel & toe regions of your child's foot, they should have functional laces or straps to tighten them, they should have an appropriate amount of grip on the bottom so your child is not slipping and sliding all over, and finally they should be comfortable and lightweight enough to allow for maximum movement.


- We try to go outside as often as the weather allows it! Please make sure your child is appropriately dressed for the weather each day! Please note: We do not go outside on days when; there is excessive mud or standing water on campus, the weather calls for rain, or when temperatures are too far below 40 degrees (general guideline not a concrete number).


-We do not expect all of our students to absolutely love every lesson we teach in PE Class (We hope they do!), but we do expect them to give maximum effort at all times. It makes up a large portion of their Elementary PE Grade, helps games and class activities to run smoothly, helps keep everyone safe because we are all paying attention, and is a great life skill that needs to be instilled in all of our students for them to be successful at anything they take on.


Students are graded on their behavior in PE class. We ask that they are respectful to adults and peers, cooperate well with others, appropriately dressed for PE, and following class rules the first time. Behavior management varies to some degree at each school, but typically we give students two "re-directions" before asking them to take a short time-out to reflect on what happened and what could be done better. If the student has learned from their situation they are allowed to return, if more reflection time is needed... it will be given!