Recess Intramurals

Recess Intramurals Rules:

  1. If you sign up… You play!!! If you did not sign up you cannot join once the league has begun. This way it keeps the teams even and fair.


  2. This is a competitive league! A great opportunity for you to increase your effort level and intensity (as long as we are still playing safe and fair!)! We will keep track of the score as well as wins and losses. Make sure you are demonstrating good sportsmanship at all times! We will end each game with a hand shake line.


  3. Mr. Darmody has split the teams as evenly as possible. No complaining about the rosters. Be sure to find a way to include everyone on your team!! 


  4. Anyone who does not demonstrate good sportsmanship, or is not participating safely, will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the current league, or possibly the next intramural sport session.