Wondering what to do with your child at home?  Try one of these! 

This is a place you can go to find fun activities and information to help your child learn at home!  I have selected activities and articles that align with our curriculum and teaching philosophy in the Grafton EC and 4K programs.  You can just browse the boards or you can follow me and set up your own pinterest page!

This is a link to the company that creates and supports our district-wide handwriting curriculumn.  There is info, ideas, and even some products for purchase that will help your child at home.

This website has preschool appropriate games and activities that your child can play on the computer.  And it is based on their favorite tv shows!
This is a great resource for every day activities to do at home.  My favorite is the calendar.  It gives you one fun activitiy to do every day!

Looking for ideas or want more guidance as a parent?  Go to this website and subscribe to the newsletter that best fits your child's age level.  You can also link to previous articles or download parenting podcasts!

This website has tons of great printables: potty charts, chore charts, and even a chart for stopping temper tantrums or other inappropriate behaviors.  These are great tools to PREVENT problems with your child.  There are also great articles that give parenting advice.  Kids don't come with an instruction manuel, but this is a step in that direction.

Ozaukee County Circle of Friends
This group hosts monthly activities for children of all abilities, their families, and friends.  It is a wonderful network for families with children who have special needs.  Please call Becky Glamm (262) 375-2606 for more information.  

This program is sponsored by Ozaukee County Special Olympics.  It is designed children ages 2-7 of any ability to learn about and participate in athletic activities.  There a Fall and a Spring session.  Check out the website for more information.

Check out available classes for young children and community events for the entire family.