Early Childhood at Woodview Elementary School


I started teaching in Grafton in 2005, and I look forward to being here many more years.  I taught the Early Childhood Program for my first nine years, and for two years I provided special education instruction and support for students in 4K-2nd Grade.  In 2016, I returned to the Early Childhood Classroom, and occasionally work with 4K or 5K depending on the student needs each year.

I live with my husband, Josh, and our children, Finn and Mallory, in the village of Jackson.  We like to spend time together by playing outside, going on day trips to parks or beaches, and attending sporting events (Go Brewers!).  We also enjoys spending time with our extended family in the Milwaukee area and up by Appleton.

As an early childhood teacher, I help both students and parents start a new phase of life: the school years.  It is my goal to help all my students prepare for the life ahead of them.  In the preschool years, some might look at academics and forget other key elements for success in school.  In my classroom, each child works toward individual goals that address strengths and weaknesses in their learning.  Our curriculum includes all aspects of development: cognition, language, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, and daily living skills.   The best way to help kids learn is to make it fun and constantly involve them in opportunities to practice new skills, and I can't wait to get started!!

Becky Kuehnl*

ECSE Teacher

*Note: Feel free to call me Becky, but if you would like to use my last name, it is pronounced Kennel (as in "a dog" kennel). 

Contact Information:

Classroom Phone: 262-376-5723

Phone or Text: 262-228-8712

Email: bkuehnl@grafton.k12.wi.us

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