Incorporating technology into Speech/Language therapy is often very useful.  It provides children/students the opportunity to practice using technology in a small group setting, as well as increasing student motivation and transfer of skill to a variety of settings and tasks. Here are just a few types of technology that can be used in Speech/Language therapy!
  • iPad: iPads and other tablets (including smartphones) are wonderful tools for Speech/Language therapy.  There are apps for a wide variety of Speech and Language areas, and even some non-therapy apps can be used to supplement therapy.  For some ideas and examples, you can visit this blog: There are many other blogs, wikis, and websites that feature apps appropriate for therapy. Here are a few of my favorite and 'must have' apps (Android now has most of these apps as well):
    • Articulation Station: A super app for articulation.
    • Articulate It!: A great app for articulation.
    • Language Builder: This app provides a picture, and the student must record/create a sentence that corresponds.  This app is nice because it has a playback feature.  Students can listen to their sentences for articulation errors, grammar errors, etc, or the student and clinician can practice expanding sentences with more details. 
    • Rainbow Sentences: This app targets sequencing words to create sentences.  The app settings can be controlled to make levels easy or difficult, with lots of options for cues. This app is really great for learning how to build an organize words into sentences. 
    • iSequence: This app focuses on sequencing 3-4 pictures in order and answering questions such as: what is next? how is _____ feeling? 
    • Fun with Following Directions
    • More Fun with Following Directions
    • Custom Boards: This app allows you to create custom worksheets, games, social stories, etc. 
    • DocScan HD: This app can be used to scan (take pictures) of worksheets or student work, the app then allows you to crop the item and send it or save it digitally.
    • Toca Boca: This is an app developer who creates wonderful apps.  The apps are fun, but they can also be used to incorporate a multitude of articulation and language goals. 
                     ***iOS 7 is here!  If you need some tips and help navigating the new changes, click HERE   For even more tips/tricks, click HERE.

  • Google: Google has a wide variety of possibilities for therapy. 
    • Google docs are great for creating and storing materials and student work. You can upload, create, and store materials that you create.  You can then control how to share the materials, and the materials are available to you no matter where you are.  You can even upload documents that are made on the iPad, such as articulation practice sheets created using Custom Boards (iPad app). 
    • Google Sites are wonderful for free, easy website-building.

  • ConnectAbility: This is a site, FREE, that is similar to Boardmaker or Custom Boards.  It does not have as many images as Boardmaker/Custom Boards; however, it seems to have a nice selection of real images and clipart.  To use this, you will select how many pictures you wish to create.  You can then customize your 'board' by searching for pictures of words.  This is useful for creating vocabulary, articulation, and other language 'boards' for therapy or home practice.