Oral Motor

Oral-Motor Activities and Exercises

Oral-motor activities and exercises can be selectively used to address weak articulatory muscles (the muscles in the mouth and face necessary for speech). Exercises may be appropriate for increasing strength and coordination; however, the exercises are not appropriate for every child.  Possible benefits of Oral-Motor exercises for children demonstrating weak oral musculature may include: better speech production (due to decreased excessive saliva) and increased feeding/swallowing skills.  

Some Fun Activities for Therapy, School, or Home:
  • Blowing Bubbles: use a variety of wands
  • Blowing Puffs of cotton or paper-balls across a table, with or without a straw
  • Straws (curly, regular, thin, wide, etc): for liquids instead of a cup or sippy cup, or use the straws to blow items across a surface (cotton balls, small cars, balls of tissue paper, etc). You can generally find some fun straws at the store, especially around various holidays. 
  • Chewy foods: gummy worms, licorice, marshmallows, gummy savers, swedish fish, etc. 
  • Horns (party horns), whistles, flutes, and other fun 'tools':  While you can buy these through Speech catalogs or online, you can also find a good selection at stores in the party area
  • Chewy tubes: available online, these tubes can be used for various chewing/sensory/bite activities
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Fall Oral Motor Fun!
Here are some Fall-themed ideas that I use in therapy to help with breath support and airflow!
  • Blowing orange pom-poms across a table as 'pumpkins'
  • Blowing torn up pieces of tissue paper in Fall leaf colors
  • Blowing at a tissue/Kleenex 'Ghost' for Halloween
  • Blowing Turkey feathers (just craft feathers) into/towards a box with a turkey on it

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