"Sending and receiving emails effectively"


It appears to be originally a student project, these 10 tips are all gems. 

Each tip is basic and common sense really but most users fail to follow even simple guidelines. This little document should be distributed with all email clients and read by everyone.

Topics include use of a meaningful subject, simple and concise messages, only attach if the attachment is necessary, let the reader see who you are, no nasty or rude emails, USE OF SPELL CHECKER, privacy, appropriate formality, appropriate timeliness, and  of course patience, rashness and tolerance.

simple and useful


Jessica Bauer, Dennis G Jerz, (2004)

Writing Effective E-Mail: Top 10 Tips

retrieved on 26 Jan 2007 from

Originally submitted by Jessica Bauer, student at  Seton Hill University in 2000, and subsequently  updated by Dennis G Jerz, Associate Professor Seton Hill University Pennsylvania