graeme holt

sharing is the way of the future

welcome to

tim (our son) and rebecca were married on 10 sep 2006. emily and natalie are our beautiful grandies.

two new babies came on christmas eve 2007, holly and tinkabell

my currently active (hah! might update that one day too!) blog.

my net11 blog

i have set up some pages for my annotated bibliography project, nicknamed annabibs by John (yani) haigh.

i am general manager at hemco industries manufacture of seatbelts

in june had a go at V8 supercar drive. good fun got to go pretty fast (well almost as fast as the mighty vp) but at least no worries about the boys (or worse, girls), in blue.

might go again sometime.

the stone keeps on rolling

bringing me some real bad news

takers get the honey

givers sing the blues

robin trower, too rolling stoned

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