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iPads In The Classroom

We are working with Putney Central School to integrate 20 iPads, with a synch enabled cart, into their K-8 curriculum starting this fall. 

Lesson Learning

  1. Kids love them. They are tactile, cuddly, and interactive. 
  2. Not ready. They are not yet easily usable in schools in terms of adult management of monitoring content and applications. 
  3. Synching, cloning, wiping, reseting: Not ready for prime time yet, but I'm sure more tools are coming. I'm syching 20 iPads at Putney Central with a Cart that USBs them all to one laptop. We've set the settings on each iPad for what syncs and we've named, numbered and labeled them. After a couple of tries and several hours, they all automatically synch with the apps and content we have on the single laptop. We had a lot of help from a class of 20 or so students that reset all 20 iPads at the same time back to factory settings to get to a level playing field. But, we're still not able to wipe their content and settings easily. I'm playing with "iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3" but it seems clunky and hard to simply install the config files onto the ipads.