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Google Apps for Education

We are implementing and managing Google Apps for Education instances at custom domains at three local middle schools: Putney Central School, Dummerston Middle School, and the Neighborhood Schoolhouse. 

Lessons Learning

  1. Implementing slowly with excited early adopters works well and requires the least person-hours in training. 
  2. You can enable Apps without email, and you can keep student email only working within your domain. This keeps the public from being able to email any students. You can also give student's emails, but use a number instead of a name. 
  3. We support the digital locker concept. Each students account is like their locker and backback used to be. 
  4. Milk and Cream: We champion the concept that day to day work is like milk, and finished projects rise to the top and become cream. Milk work is in Google Apps. The cream is putting a student's best work on their personal academic portfolio using Google Sites. Students and teachers use Google Apps to do the day to day work of school, the way paper notebooks used to be used. Students "turn in" assignments by sharing their work with their teacher.  
  5. One Document and One Site: To limit too many documents we support students creating one word processing or presenation document for each class and using that single document to submit home work. Teachers show students how to create a table of contents and keep their latest assignment on the top of a single document. Teachers organize their students into "collections" and make sure student put their name on the file name of their single document for the class. Only when this document become unwieldy is another document created. 
  6. We find personal academic portfolios to be a powerful enough tool to warrant it's own page

AUPs: Acceptible Use Policies