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This is an awareness site about modern day slavery created by Grade 9 students as part of the Colonial History of the Americas class. 

The goal of the projects was to analyze how ideals and institutions of freedom, equality, justice, and citizenship have changed over time and from one society to another. In better understanding the past, can it help us to change society today for the better? In better understanding the history of slavery and the struggle it took the world to abolish it, can those same events, ideas and institutions help us today in abolishing modern day slavery?

Students were able to choose different technologies to support their creative work and clear communication of ideas, so you will see videos  animation, podcasts, Prezi, graphic novels, comics, and more. Projects are organized by regions in the different tabs: North America, Central America and South America. Within those pages, you will see three different columns that focus on people, events or movements that can contribute to abolishing slavery. The focus questions answered by the students were:
  • Do the historical forces (movements) that changed the course of slavery still serve to meet the challenges of modern day slavery?
  • Which types of forces or events bring about genuine historical change, that is, which genuinely disrupt patterns of continuity?
  • What roles do individuals play in historical change? 
The final product requirements involved:
  • History of slavery of that region
  • Today’s slavery 
  • Link of past to today
  • What can be changed today- any resolution that is rooted in history.
All sources had to be cited including any images, video and audio. The use of Creative Commons was encouraged. Citations are indicated within the product and also within a link below the project.

Some projects will be chosen for submission to CNN iReport and we hope to be able to advertise those on this site later on. CNN Freedom Project has inspired this work and you can see below their Twitter feed.

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Sexual Slavery in Modern Days, this soundcloud talks about how sexual slavery still happens today and how anyone can donate and stop this from this from spreading and even stop the traffic eventually. 

Silvana Meneghini,
Aug 2, 2013, 7:08 AM