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Professional Learning Advisory Council

The Professional Learning Advisory Council is a school-wide leadership team whose primary responsibility is to identify school-wide needs for adult learning in order to support planning and monitoring of the implementation of school-wide goal (s).

Facilitator: Director of Teaching and Learning

  • Advise towards school goals and select appropriate strategies to achieve them
  • Advise towards school goals and recommend indicators of progress
  • Recommend priorities for structuring and scheduling learning teams
  • Keep staff focused on essential aspects of improving student success
  • Evaluate opportunities presented to the school in an effort to align work in progress and limit the number of new innovations at one time
  • Use a variety of data related to student success in order to determine school needs and translate them into goals
What the group will not do:
  • Recommend and/or monitor teacher professional development funds
  • Monitor curriculum alignment (although they may look at curriculum via Atlas Rubicon as a data point when appropriate)
  • Talk about theory or philosophy that is disconnected from actionable steps
In general membership will include 2 from ES, 2 MS, 2 HS, 2 BS and specialists as appropriate. When possible, people who cross over divisions will “count” for both categories in an effort to keep an appropriate group size of 10-12.

Criteria for membership:
  • Respect for and influence among his or her colleagues
  • Effective communicator
  • Knowledge and leadership capacity
  • Unique Perspective: history, tradition and context of the school; other international programs; experience with job-embedded professional learning
  • Grade-level or content area expertise
  • Ability to lend balance to the makeup of the team
  • Evidence of a willingness to put a group agenda before their personal needs and interests
Length of of membership
  • 2 years
  • Teachers will be invited to join by the Director of Teaching and Learning  based on the needs to meet the criteria of the group and in an effort to distribute leadership opportunities across the school; Division leaders will offer suggestions.
Frequency of Meeting
  • Two hours, every month
  • It is probable that work will be required between meetings
  • Meeting time: 2-4pm (Because this is a two hour meeting, we will bridge our time to begin between school and after-school time. At our first meeting we will determine the best meeting time that is equitable and least disruptive to student learning)