Visual Thinking

Source: "Visual Thinking". Idon Thinking resources.  2003. <>

Used to indicate main ideas, highlight comparison.
Use of size, color , symbols, selected images, to convey ideas visually.

RSA Animation
RSA Animation video recording of drawings with speech.
Or use Demo version of Video Scribe.

RSA Animation of Visual Notes - Step by Step
Visual Note Taking

Sketchnotes / Visual Note Taking @ WebExpo Prague 2010 (Great Tips Slideshow)

Sketchnotes draft &/or final product:

      "1.) Solidifies the learning through editing and re-exposure.
       2.) Ensures “understandability” for others and for myself in the future."
                                                                                    Bill Keaggy

Tools for the iPad: (Video Tutorial)
          Drawing + Notes : IdeasPaper. Notability, new.Notes+, 
          Screencasting: Explain Everything, Brushes ($4.99) , Educreations, Screenchomp

YouTube Video

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Concept Mapping
Using MindMesiter or Lucidchart, all available under Google Drive.

Pursuit of happinness by Zimmermann. Creative Commons Attribution on Flickr. <>

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