See prompts for reflection and attached rubrics & activities (bottom of page)

Prompts for Knowledge, Skills & Critical Thinking  (source: Helen Barrett,

  • What content knowledge from class was important to complete this task?

The Elements of Art and Principles of Design:Art One


Example of Reflection WrittenTaskAnnotation

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  • What critical thinking strategies did I use to complete this task?

Nathalia Elements Reflection


Critical Thinking Strategies Example

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  • What skills did I improve while completing this task?
Alejandro Sub GIF

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  • How does this relate to what I learned before?


Nathalia Collage and Mixed Media Reflection

Apply understanding of characteristics of Theater of the Absurd:

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  • How can I apply this to the real world?


Alejandro IWB Pages

 Written Reflection: Applying Concepts to Media

Real World Links Reflection

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  • Summarize the most important things you will take with you from the experience.
  • Describe a skill you learned this quarter. Where else might this skill come in handy?

Reflection Apply Class Skills English 9


Catu Drawing Portfolio

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TKAM Annotations MC p. 100.jpg

 IT Resource: Digital portfolio linked to full sized image stored on Google Drive to save memory.  IT Resource: Digital portfolio linked to full sized image stored on Google Drive to save memory.

 Prompts for Process (source: Helen Barrett,

  • How did I go about accomplishing this task?

Romeo and Juliet Timeline


Brainstorm: Webbing done on

IT Resource: Google Calendar to record timelines  IT Resource: Mind Mapping Programs (image saved and linked)
Try also: mindmeister

  • What did I find most difficult about completing this task?
  • What problems did I have and how did I solve them?
  • What did I learn about myself when doing this work?


Prompts for Quality of Work (source: Helen Barrett,

  • Why is this my best work?
  • What makes this my most effective piece?
  • What did I do well that I want people to notice?
  • What does this work show about me?
Link to Student Digital Portfolio

 IT Resource: Students can insert links to sites related to their reflection.

Prompts for Assessment  (source: Helen Barrett,

  • How did I perform against the rubric in this piece?



Rubric for Assessing Electronic Portfolios


Evaluation Rubric for Video Production

Prompts for Planning for Improvement (source: Helen Barrett,

  • What other skills do I need to improve that I noticed as a result of this work?
  • What would I do differently if I had a task like this again?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • How could I improve this work?
Blog Post--How Can I Improve?



How could I improve this work

 IT Resource: Blogger  IT Resource: Soundcloud 

  • Over the rest of the school year, what’s one issue or challenge you would like to be a more respected authority on? How will this be a challenge for you?
  • Think of three or four things that went really well for you in the class this quarter and then reflect on two more things you think you could do better next quarter. What action will you have to take to get better in these areas? 

Formats for Reflection: Teacher-Student Conferences, Written Reflection, Recorded Reflection 

 IB Forms On Line 

IB FOA Reflection Sample


YouTube Video

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Turnitin Peermark

VoiceThread Recorded Reflection with Feedback
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Organization of Digital Portfolios for Grading Purposes