This is a page for the Misc Images/Hacks i have created. Check out the sub categories for more...

  This has gone into a dumster as of 2008. old AMD K6 with 128mb ram :D Custom paint job n all. This was a storage box for malware related things. trojans,worms,virii ...etc. 
  My old Proliant 2500 Server. First Actual commercial grade server I've ever owned. 
  My Very first laboratory setup circa 2005 
  circa 2008 laboratory setup. 
  Stereoscopic Camera array attempt. failed due to different camera models. 
  Heat sync modified to be cold as hell, on a old diamond video card. 
  My old guitar pedal hooked into my server feeding a microphone into it to mask voice and create some cool effects when calling or doing a show. 
  20gb array of 4gb scsi drives. 
  a dead hobby of mine. Testing cable modems.
RIP SB5100, SB5101
  ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY! a slot xeon cpu. 
 Installed a "Car OS" on an old GPS unit I aquired.
The functionality increased from just plain old crappy magelan software to Games, Music Player, Apps, etc... pretty fun mod for an old unit. I think I used it for about 2 months before it went to the graveyard.