GR Global,
Institute for Organizational Development

Growth Resources Global is one of the leading institutes in the field of Organizational Development and Training, with over 3 decades of experience and innovation.



Itamar Rogovsky,
Litoral State University,Argentina
Titular of Especialist and Couch in Organizational Psychology,
State of Israel, Reg No. 1244.
Director, GR Global - Institute for Organizational Development
Former Director of the Latin-American Office, Institute for 
Human Relations, AJC, N.Y USA
Adjunt Faculty Member at the Tel-Aviv University, Recanatti School
Director of the Master Program in Organizational Development, 
AEDIPE, Barcelona, Spain
Founder Member of the International Association
for Organizational Development, IODA
Member at the International Society for the Psychoanalitic
Study of Organizations, ISPSO
Senior Consultant Israeli Society for Organizational
Development, IPO
International Consultant in many International Companies,
like Renault, Keter Plastik, Teva, Strauss Elite, Eden Spring,
ICL Group and more. 

Diploma of Honor, IODA 1990
Mention of Honor, AEDIPE 1995
Professor Emeritus, ISEAN 2006