Solutions for minimizing Financial Losses for companies going Through
ERP / CRM or other Operational IT application replacement


  IT and ERP projects start with deep hopes for change but
often end with deep disappointment. 
Endless project schedule delays
and a budget increase
  far beyond initial estimation
force the deployment of
  incomplete application
which leads in most cases
  to serious operational shutdowns and severe financial
  Direct and indirect worldwide financial losses are
estimated at $6T annually.
  Worldwide cost of IT failure: $6.2 Trillion

 With over 30 years of experience in systems design and with many enterprise transition projects completed 
 successfully, GPV is introducing its Transition Planning Management (TPM) platform of products and services.

 TPM supports end to end solution with risk assessment, detailed risk aversion transition plan with tools for
 data conversion and system validation.


 TPM provides Company’s management, CIO's, project managers and operations managers with detailed 
 practical tools to identify and mange company’s' business risk, associated with all stages of the go live process.



   Organizational Plan & Risk 
           Control platform


 TPM-Risk TM provides real-
 detailed risk aversion plan.

 It provides continuous alerts 
 against emerging risks and
 interruptions, to company's and
 project management.
 The system handles any risk type
 including indirect performance



     Data Conversions

  TPM-Convert TM facilitates rapid
  and much simplified data
  conversion process. It provides 
  users with the ability to perform
  the tasks without the need of
  customized software programs




    System Validation


 TPM-Validate TM provides the
 enterprise with a quick and
 efficient move for full
 performance with its new IT
 system, with confidence.

 With testing and adjustment
 tools users can validate and
 quickly identify and correct
 errors at the most critical stage
 of the transition.