A Glance at next week…………….

Week of Jan 14-18


- Jan 14 – Happy Birthday, Carter!

- Jan 18 – Your child’s report card for 2ndQuarter may be accessed through the district portal using your name and password

- Jan 21  – No School – MLK Jr. Day

- Jan 24 – Projected 100thDay of School (Unless we have a snow day)


Spelling Words:  these, safe, chase, brave, shake, chose, stripe, shine, what, said

Challenge Words:  snowflake, milkshake

Spelling Test:  Jan 18


Language Arts:  


What is a team?  What kinds of teams do you know about?


Oral Vocabulary:  encourage, friendship, suggest, relationship, rely


Focus Skills this week:  

Phonics:  -cle, vowel teams - ea, ee, long e 

Sight Words:  two, before, yellow

Grammar:  compound words


Phonics Books:  

Wed - Summer Heat


Math:  We will strengthen students’ understanding of the place-value system and prepare them for 2-digit addition and subtraction.  


Math Vocabulary:  tens, ones, tens digit, ones digit, ten-frame


Social Studies:  Discussing Black history and MLK activities.