Look what is happening this week!

Week of September 24 – 28 & upcoming events


*** Parent teacher conferences will be scheduled on October 16thand 18th. If you have a preference on the day we meet, please e-mail me by Tuesday, September 25th.  


September 25 – Happy Birthday Grayson!

September 28 – Apple Day in First Grade.  Bring two apples to school (any color).  If your child brings them early, I will store them in the classroom! J


Spelling Words:  sick, pick, rip, kid, fit, win, it, is, him

Challenge Words:  track, stick

Spelling Test Date:  September 28th


Language Arts:  


Question of the week:  How have you changed since you were little?


Vocabulary Words:  adult, imitate, practice, change, learn

Phonics:  r, f, ff, s, k, g short i


Phonics Take Home Books:

M – Rick and Rob

T – Bobcat

W – Pat’s Class Trip 

Th- Fran and Kip

Fri –  Rag Bits


Sight words:  look, was, what, big, got


Math:  We will learn strategies to develop fluency with adding and subtracting within 10.


Math Vocabulary:  number line, doubles fact, near doubles fact


Science: Sunsets and Shadows:  we will learn how our shadows change throughout the day.