9/17/18 - 9/21/18 #BeKind

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace." – Confucius

Listed below is a sampling of what your child has done in school this week.

Reading: The children worked on making predictions while reading realistic fiction stories.

Social Studies: We will begin a new Social Studies unit after we finish the current Science unit.

Science/Health: We continued the “Structures of Life” unit. The children began an investigation into the effect that water has on various seeds.

Math: The children continued Chapter 1b (“Understand Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers”). They were taught how to use drawings to represent and solve basic division problems.

Writing: The students generated a broad topic for writing, narrowed it down, made it even more specific, then wrote an original piece focused on that specific idea.


**On Wednesday of this week, along with the Weekly Spelling List, your child should have brought home a one-page piece of reading called “Uniting the Tribes” for the Weekly Reading test that will be given on Wednesday, September 26th.

**Please be aware that, as each Weekly Reading Test and each Weekly Spelling Test approaches, your child will not be studying for them during classroom time. Thank you for helping your child to prepare for these important tests.

**A “Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule Form” was sent home in your child’s Friday Folder today. Please complete the form and have your child return it to me no later than Friday (9/28). Thank you.

**Mrs. Grant, the HAL (High Ability Learner) teacher, is looking to build a stock of Legos for some projects in her classroom. If you are looking to clean out any Legos at home, she would be happy to accept any donations. She needs both Lego bricks and the flat bases to assemble on. Thank you so much for considering.

**Please read the Palisades School Newsletter at https://pal.gpsne.org for important school-wide announcements (the link is at the bottom of the webpage). Thank you.


Each Friday, I do an "Estimation Jar" activity with my class. I put a certain number of little items in a jar, the kids each estimate how many items they think are in there, we count the items, and see who came the closest. Whoever comes the closest gets to choose a prize that the entire class gets to enjoy on the following school day.

Today, Radek was the closest! He estimated that there were 66 items in the jar. The actual number of items in the jar was 72! The prize this student chose was:

o Free-Draw Day (Free-draw for a “Learning Choice” when your work is done!)

o Blanket Day (Bring a blanket to class for the day to keep warm and cozy!

o Small Stuffed Animal/Action Figure Day (Bring a small stuffed animal or action figure to class for the day to keep you company!)

o Pillow Day (Bring a pillow to class for the day to cuddle up with or sit on!)

o Pajama Day (Be comfy wearing your pajamas at school!)

o Gum Day (Bring some gum to chew on in class! NOTE: If you have dental work that prohibits you from having gum, you may bring a sucker or some other small treat that works for you.)

o Lunch in the Room (It's just like normal lunch...but in the classroom and you get to watch cartoons while you eat!)

o Silly Sock Day (Have fun wearing silly socks!)

o Hat Day (Wear your favorite hat!)

Participation is optional.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!

Mr. Kimnach