3/12 - 3/16

Education Quote of the Week: “If you study to remember, you will forget, but, if you study to understand, you will remember.” – Unknown


Listed below is a sampling of what your child has done in school this week.


Reading:  The children worked on the comprehension skill of drawing conclusions from details in fiction stories.


Social Studies:  The students continued the “Thematic Maps” unit of study. They learned how to read a time zone map.


Science/Health: We will begin a new Science unit once the current Social Studies unit is finished.


Math: The children finished Chapter 13 (“Fraction Equivalence and Comparison”) by taking a chapter posttest. They also extensively reviewed concepts that have been taught thus far throughout the school year.


Writing: The students responded to the Gretna Breeze’s “Kids Speak” question: “What is the best gift you’ve ever given someone?”.



**In your child’s Friday Folder, you will find one of the following versions of a book called “Natural Defenses” for the Weekly Reading Test to be taken on Friday, 3/23: a 3rd Grade "beginner's level" book (marked with a “B”),  a 3rd Grade "intermediate level" book (marked with an “I”), or a 3rd Grade "advanced level" book (marked with an “A”). Please remember that I am using your child's scores on the Weekly Reading Tests as part of my calculations for your child's report card grades. Thank you.


**Your child’s 3rd Quarter report card should now be available for you to view online. Instructions for locating your child’s report card online were sent to you recently by me via e-mail.


**The 4th Quarter has begun. I need to obtain scores from several weeks of student work before I am able to calculate valid grades for the new quarter. Therefore, the weekly progress reports will not be coming home for a while. At the mid-quarter point of the 4th Quarter, I will send a mid-quarter progress report. This mid-quarter report will need to be signed and returned. After the mid-quarter report, I will then begin sending weekly progress reports on Mondays again – one per week until the end of the school year.


**State Testing is coming up. Gretna Public Schools elementary students will take the “Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System” (NSCAS). Our class will take the NSCAS Reading Test Tuesday morning, March 20th, at 8:15, and the NSCAS Math Test on Tuesday morning, April 17th at 8:15. If at all possible, please try to avoid scheduling things on those mornings that would keep your child out of school. If your child is absent for either of these tests for any reason, he/she will make up them up when they return to school.


**Please see the next page for next week's Estimation Jar information.


Estimation Jar!


For today's Estimation Jar activity...


Avery C. was the closest! She estimated that there were 98 items in the jar. The actual number of items in the jar was 109! The prize this student chose is:


o   Blanket Day (Bring a blanket to class for the day to keep warm and cozy!)


o   Small Stuffed Animal/Action Figure Day (Bring a small stuffed animal or action figure to class for the day to keep you company!)


o   Pillow Day (Bring a pillow to class for the day to cuddle up with or sit on!)


o   Pajama Day (Be comfy wearing your pajamas at school!)


o   Snack Day (Bring one snack to school for the day and have it in class whenever you'd like!)


o   Lunch in the Room (It's just like normal lunch...but in the classroom and you get to watch cartoons while you eat!)


o   Silly Sock Day (Have fun wearing silly socks!)


o   Hat Day (Wear your favorite hat!)

Please remember that participation in Monday's prize is optional.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend!

Mr. Kimnach


P.S. If the winning student made a perfect estimation, two prizes were chosen, and your child may participate in both of those prizes on Monday (or just one, if they prefer).