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Class Blog

You will be using the Blogger blog you created to reflect on your learning and experiences in chemistry as well as chronicle your work this school year.  Each blog entry will focus on a particular unit and is due by Sunday night at 11:59 PM on the week it is assigned.  Your blog is NOT meant to be a re-statement of your notes or laboratory reports.  It is also NOT a set of questions to be "answered", but in fact an original reflection (like a journal entry) of what was meaningful to you as a student during a unit, classroom experience, and/or laboratory investigation.  Your blog entries will also serve as a study resource in the future and a digital portfolio of learning throughout the year.

Blog entries should meet the following criteria:

·         Be a minimum of 400 words.

·         Incorporate pictures and/or video from lessons in class, experiments, data, or related media to content.*

·         Include hyperlinks (URLs) to relevant websites or online content to relate to what you are writing about.*

·         Be written in first person with correct grammar and spelling – think college essay effort level.

*These skills will be developed during the first few posts.

Blog entries can center around, but are not limited to the following focus points:

·         What were the main ideas we learned?

·         How do the main ideas go together or connect?

·         What were some of the important details to the main ideas?

·         What activities or experiments did we do that went along with these ideas?

·         What are some examples of the concepts we have been studying in every day life?

·         What was I surprised by?

·         Which topics of study would I like to learn more about?

·         How did we come to know and understand the ideas we learned?

·         What questions do I still have about what I learned?

·         How would I rate my understanding of the main ideas?

·         What do I still need to work on more?

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help with your posts.  Happy blogging!