Cougars Leading Other Cougars

CLOC Sponsors
Mr. Garcia - Counselor
Mr. Eilers - Team A
Mr. Colchado - Team C

The name of the organization is Cobb Leaders On Campus (CLOC)

Cougars Leading Other Cougars

Cobb Leaders on Campus, which will hereafter be referred to as "CLOC," is an organization that will further develop the leadership skills of male students who exhibit good behavior and grades at Gerald Cobb Sixth Grade Campus. These skills are developed through five key elements:
1. Leadership 
2. Volunteerism
3. Enhancing School Spirit
4. Peer Tutoring
5. Creating a Career Awareness

Membership and Selection Process
Students will pick up forms from sponsors and get them completed and signed by their core teachers (math, social studies, science, reading) to show interest in being selected for CLOC. Forms must be returned to sponsors by selected day. Teams who have more than five students that meet selection criteria for CLOC will be allowed to pick the top five students whom submitted forms for membership. Students serving as CLOC members serve as role models and should meet organization requirements listed below:



  • 75% or higher in every class 


  • -No severe office referrals or "N" or "U" in conduct
  • -Must be willing to work hard and be committed to the success of the organization
  • -Must be able to attend monthly meetings. No more than 3 absences from CLOC functions or meetings. 


  • -Members will be given their own t-shirts
  • -T-shirts are to be worn to all meetings and other student council functions

Removal from Membership

A member may be removed from membership for three unexcused absences from CLOC meetings, school misconduct, and failure to maintain a grade average of at least a 75% in every class during every progress report and grading period. 

If a student must be removed the following procedure will be observed:

1. Records reviewed.

2. Sponsors will meet with the student.

3. Decision will be made.

4. Team leader and administration will be informed. 

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