"Teach the reader, not the reading. It is more important to teach how to negotiate all texts at all times than The Great Gatsby. #booklove" (Penny Kittle)
This site was developed as a resource for Middle School and High School English Language Arts (ELA) teachers as they implement the Iowa Core Standards.  The tabs across the top match the content strands in the College and Career Ready ELA Anchor Standards (K-12) except for the last tab that has materials from your training session.  Clicking on the first four tabs will take you to that content strand page.
 A second way to navigate is to click on the items in the navigation box on the left.  The final navigation technique is to enter a word in the search box (top right) in order to search this site for specific content. (Tip:  You should be able to use the back arrow in your browser to go back to a former page.)

Iowa Department of Education Webcasts about the Iowa Core and Literacy: