About Us

What is Y.E.T.I.?

Youth Experiential Training Institute (Y.E.T.I.) offers outdoor adventure and skills programs for youth. We are part of the Cove to Clover is 501(c)(3) non-profit EIN 27-3193281.

Our Mission

To develop stewardship, character and grit in all youth through challenging outdoor adventures.

Our Philosophy

Besides instilling a general joy of being outside our programs are designed to help kids in all aspects of life. We use 4H challenge education to  specifically increase self confidence, group communication skills, goal setting and social intelligence.

Our aim is to develop grit in kids and show them how to apply what they've learned to their school and home lives. We believe when they are experiencing the euphoria of overcoming hard physical challenges in outdoor settings, the walls come down and we can help them transfer skills learned in overcoming physical adversity to the classroom.

Plug your kids into a YETI outdoor program and watch them grow!

Our Outdoor Leaders

We are a collection of volunteer climbers, rafters, teachers, backpackers, etc. who share the vision of providing a positive outlet to youth by sharing our love of outdoor adventure.

We train all our leaders in 4H challenge education including ropes course facilitation.  We use the diverse set of outdoor skills among our leaders to offer a variety of adventures.  Leaders have the opportunity to cross train in multiple outdoor disciplines through formal and informal cross training.

If you have grit, love the outdoors, and want to share your passion with youth, YETI could serve as your outlet.  Email yetimaster@goyeti.org to start the conversation.

Our Kids

We serve all youth but we specifically seek to offer opportunities to free/reduced lunch students who have traditionally not had access to outdoor adventures in wild settings. Our programs are incredibly flexible and have a history of customizing programs to fit the needs of a partner organization.

Our Fundraising

The Cove to Clover 5K has been the primary fundraiser for YETI and helps to offset the many costs (insurance, van maintenance, shirts, gear, gas, materials, access fees, scholarships, etc). Fees are collected from families based on their ability to pay to help offset costs.  We have many opportunities for companies to partner with YETI of the Cove to Clover.

Youth Experiential Training Institute (YETI) does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family make-up or circumstances or any other legally protected status in the hiring of staff or in the administration of educational policies or programs, admissions policies or any other school administered programs.

Email yetimaster@goyeti.org or call John Nelson 206-795-9586 for more info.

Our Board of Directors

Robert Wattfishwatt@hotmail.com
David Bobanickbobanick@gmail.com
Erin Peraltaerin@covetoclover.com
Kristen Kernskristenwynnkerns@covetoclover.com
John Nelsonjonelson@goyeti.org
Andrew Cull
Steve Backstromskibacks@gmail.com
Lisa Footelisafoote88@gmail.com
Judy Reedjudyreed56@gmail.com