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World Language

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The World Language Department offers courses in both Modern (French & Spanish) and Classical 
(Latin) languages.  Through the study of a second language it is the overall goal of the world language 
department that each student‘s achievement aligns with the KRHS Mission. Thus, the major goals of the 
World Language Department are:
  • To empower students to develop academically as inquisitive, critical, independent, and cooperative learners.
  • To instill in students an awareness, respect, and appreciation of the culture(s) of the language(s) they are studying.
  • To enable students to develop an appropriate level of proficiency and communicate effectively in the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing at the respective levels (listening and speaking will be emphasized more in the areas of French and Spanish languages than in the area of Latin).
  • To encourage and nurture individual student talents and abilities through the study of languages.
  • To enable students to appreciate multicultural differences and make connections with their own culture.
Students who elect to study a world langage must meet the required prerequisite grade and have the approval of the World Language Coordinator and/or respective language teacher. If a student attains a grade of 65%-74% in a language level, the student will receive credit for the course, but will need to repeat the course to gain proficiency in order to continue successful language acquisition. It is also strongly recommended that a student not take a year or more off from their language study. When language study is interrupted, skills often lapse.
Many colleges and universities require two levels of the same world language; however UNH and other institutions prefer three to four levels. When students have mastered the core foundation of one language, we encourage students to elect an additional language. World Language courses are elective courses and thus it is expected that each student be an active participant in the world language class and that the student agree with and demonstrate a commitment to meeting the goals of the course.