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The Science Department offers a comprehensive selection of courses for students of all grade and ability 
levels.  Three science credits are required for graduation:
1. One physical science credit by taking either: Physical Science, Astronomy, Chemistry, or Physics
2. One biology science credit by taking either: Biology or Agricultural Science I (LRTC course)
3. One science credit by taking a third science course of your choice
The typical student will satisfy their third science credit with Chemistry or Physics. Your third science credit may also be satisfied by taking  Health Science and Technology I offered through the Lakes Regional Technology Center, or Principles of Technology and Lasers offered through the Technology Education. Dept. All students who wish to take advanced placement courses, and/or Human Anatomy & 
Physiology should make careful note of the prerequisites. Students are also urged to pay close attention to math prerequisites for all courses.  
A wide variety of courses are offered to provide experiences for all students that encourage inquiry, 
critical thinking, and respect for ourselves and our environment.  All courses use experimentation, the 
scientific method, and the application of technology in problem solving.