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Physical Education

The Kingswood Regional High School Physical Education curriculum is designed to encourage students to pursue a healthy lifestyle through participation in daily physical activity. The class emphasizes practice of and cognitive aspects related to health-related (as opposed to skill-related) components of physical fitness. Typical class routine includes flexibility, cardiovascular, strength and muscular endurance exercises accomplished through a variety of group and individual activities. Principles of training are incorporated and reinforced including overload, progression, specificity, regularity and individuality. Training principles are applied using the FITT guidelines (frequency, intensity, time and type). Students are expected to: develop and implement a personal physical fitness program based on his/her personal fitness profile resulting from a Physical Best assessment (results of assessment are independent from grading assessment), develop a physical activity plan based on individual needs and interests, and describe how activity participation patterns are likely to change throughout life and identify strategies to deal with those changes. It is hoped that students will experience physiological, social and emotional benefits of exercise developing both meaningful and enjoyable physical interests. Through enthusiastic participation in the class, students are expected to achieve and/or maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness, and to provide evidence with daily documentation of aerobic and weight training workouts. Additionally, students must be able to identify health risk factors and understand foundations of a healthy diet.