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  • The English Department strives to create intellectually safe learning communities where all students have the opportunity to develop as inquisitive, critical, independent and cooperative learners. A variety of literature from a number of cultures is intended to foster understanding of our own society and its relationship to the rest of the literary world. Each year, students shall select one course in English at the appropriate level. The appropriateness of the level is based on the Stanford Writing Test scores, the New Hampshire Assessment Test, teacher recommendation, and parental approval.
The student must successfully complete one grade before promotion to the next level of English. This sequence is essential for student success as the development of skills, difficulty of reading materials, and complexity of writing assignments increase each year. Each course is aligned so that it begins with a review of the previous year‘s curriculum before progressing into a deeper study of the English language. Therefore, students will not be allowed to take two English courses at the same time. An exception will be made for students in their senior year who need both eleventh and twelfth grade English for graduation. Credit for an elective course may not be used as one of the English credits required for graduation. Honors English students are expected to be highly motivated students who have excellent reading and writing skills. They must also be well read and well versed in current events, which is essential for participating in classroom discussion and literary analysis.