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Kingswood Arts Center
Art Department
The Art Department strives to create a learning environment where students have the opportunity to develop as inquisitive, critical, independent, cooperative and respectful learners. A variety of hands-on studio art courses are offered to nurture students‘ individual talents and abilities. Students will create original art works that demonstrate craftsmanship, creativity and originality. All art courses fulfill the fine arts requirements for graduation.

Academic Coordinator 

Music Department

The Music Department offers opportunities for students to become independent  and cooperative 
learners. Performance ensembles provide a vehicle for participation in a large group setting. Music 
electives such as Beginning Guitar, Music Theory, and American Music of the 20
th century offer a more independent learning environment. Students who desire to take band or vocal ensemble at an Honors level must apply with the director. Band and Vocal Ensemble may be taken all four years. All music courses fulfill the fine arts requirement.