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Student Recognition Program Announcement

Grades 4-8

The Governor Wentworth Regional School District is pleased to share that a new model of student recognition has been adopted for students in grades four through eight, in place of traditional honor roll recognition.  A committee representing parents, teachers, administrators and school board members has worked together for the past three years to research and develop a model of student recognition that aligns more closely with standards-based assessment, which has been in place now for several years for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  

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Grades 4-6

Work Habits and Life Skills Rubric

Grades 7-8
Kingswood Regional Middle School
Work Habits and Life Skills Rubric

Enrolling for Student Accident Insurance

Dear GWRSD Parents

As you begin to think about preparing your child for the 2015-16 school year an opportunity to sign up for student accident insurance is being offered by calling 1-877-444-5014 or by visiting the website http://markel.sevencorners.com    A debit or credit card is necessary for both methods.   A copy of the brochure and claim form can be downloaded and printed from the website.  Customer service and enrollment information is available by telephone. 

2015 Gold Scholars


Congratulations to Kingswood Regional High School Class of 2015 Gold Scholars 
Clay Drakely, Michael Bloomer, Sam Coache, John Lemay, Holly Zabkar, Chris Craycraft, Wyatt McNamara, Melissa Moore and Sage Lincoln.

These nine students celebrated their hard work and achievement at a luncheon attended by representatives of the GWRSD School Board, Superintendent's Office and Administrative Team. In order to achieve Gold Scholar status students must meet the following:

1. GPA of at least 3.5

2. On the honor roll each quarter and have taken all Honors Classes where available 

3. Junior/Senior Honors Program & two AP Courses or three AP Courses

4. NECAP/SBAC Scores - At least three Proficient (Level 3) scores (or better)

5. No Level 2 or 3 Discipline Reports- as outlined in KRHS handbook

6. At least 20 Hours of Community Service 

7. Previously held Green & White Scholar (Gr 10) and/or Silver Scholar (Gr 11) status or have documented 10 hours (Gr 10) and 20 hours (Gr 11) previous community service

8. Two Extracurricular Activities- KRHS & LRTC Sports or Clubs

Energy Efficiency and Performance Recommendations


Next School Board Meeting
August 10, 2015
Brookfield Town Hall

GWRSD Adult Education


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