Welcome to 6th Grade at Crescent Lake

Corky Newcomb, a local inventor, will be coming to CLS on Monday, March 20th at 6:00pm to meet with any interested parents who wish to take their inventions to the next level.  

Information from Mrs. Yurick on the 6th grade  art portfolio reflection:

Grade Six Portfolio Reflection

Dear Student,

Now that you have completed your self portrait you are going to write a reflective piece about your experience drawing your self portrait.This writing piece will reflect what you notice about your development as an artist since Kindergarten and include some of your own experience and learning.

Some questions to ponder as you start to form your reflection are:


Think about what you learned during the process of making your portrait.

What was new?

What helped you?

What was hard for you to understand or do during this process?

Did you notice anything about the materials that helped or did not help?

Did you have an “a-ha” moment? (explain)

How have you grown as an artist?

Looking back at all of your self-portraits how have you developed as an artist since kindergarten?

(at this point get out your portfolio and look at your self portraits K -6)

How do you feel about this project?

Please use these questions to help you gather your thoughts, do not answer them in order with numbers! This is not a test, it is an essay. I am looking for quality writing, I am not counting words!

You will be graded on your essay using the following criteria:

        Did I restate the project in my essay?

        Did I use full sentences with minimal grammar and spelling errors?

        Did I make connections between my learning and the project?

Please have fun with this! I learn so much from reading your thoughts! You may do this in google docs and print it out or hand write neatly! This part of the project should be done for homework and not in the Art room. I promise to write back to you and we will slip this into your portfolio before you take them home in June!

Looking forward to reading!

Mrs Yurick

Rubric for grading this essay:

4 = *Heading

     *Complete sentences

     *Use of questions and project in answer

     *Enriches response with own experience and feelings


3 =       *Heading

   *Complete sentences

   *Answers response questions

   *Includes project in response


2 =      * heading is missing or incomplete sentences

           *Project or question not restated in response


1 =       *no heading or reference to project                           

           *incomplete sentences

Jake Schaffner,
Jan 5, 2017, 5:12 AM