Covid-19 Working at Home with Team TREK

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Hello Parents and Students,
It is our pleasure to be your children s teacher this year.  We hope to provide them with a valuable and memorable education for their 8th grade year.  Your child's teachers work diligently in making sure that your child has the best possible education, and is ready academically and socially for High School.  Our philosophy is to create a learning environment that is structured, challenging and enriching for the student.  We will consistently communicate with the students and parents throughout the year, and we welcome communication from home.  We truly believe that the school/home partnership is what makes a successful education for middle school and we will do whatever it takes to foster that relationship.  Enjoy the year.  

                                                                                       Mr. Danais                                          
                                                                                     Team Leader  

                                                                                      Ms. Galimberti

            Mr. Little                       
Ms. Sanders

                                                                                        Jordan Legere
                                                                                    Special Education

Team Danais 8 Blizzard Bags

Make sure to go to your google classroom and sign in.  You will find your advisor, and links to each Blizzard Bag assignment.  Follow the directions and submit when finished.  If you are having problems with the classroom, you can link here.