Crescent Lake School

The Crescent Lake School Band and Chorus Holiday Concert is Thursday, December 7 at 6:30 pm at the Kingswood Performing Arts Center!  Students should wear their "Sunday Best" clothing (dress pants, dress shirt and tie for boys, dresses/skirts or dress pants and blouse for girls).

Grade Four
It's that special time of year!  Students in grade 4 have received their recorders and music to practice!  
It is so exciting to see students learn the recorder because they find out they really can play a musical instrument!  Many students take what they learn from playing the recorder and move on to more advanced instruments like flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, or percussion and join the Crescent Lake School band!  

Students should practice a minimum of 10 minutes every day to reinforce what they learned in music class that week!  Encourage your child to play their recorder for you in a mini-concert!  

Grade Four Blizzard Bags:

Grade Four Day One
Grade Four Day Two

Recorder Parent Letter

Grade Five
Students in the fifth grade learn a variety of skills and concepts in music.They learn 
what form is and ho
w to analy
ze how their favorite songs are put together.  They study 
the Science of Sound and desi
gn/build an instrument based on what they learn about how sound is produced in each fa
mily of instruments.  In addition, students will learn about a composer and teach the class what they know about the person they have chosen.  They may use traditional genres, such as a poster, or create a presentation using technology (Google Slides, Animoto, etc.).
 At the end of the year, students will bring a folk tale to life through drama and music and present their story to the class or maybe to the whole school!

Grade Five Blizzard Bags:

Grade Five Day One
Grade Five Day Two

Grade Six
Students in the sixth grade at Crescent Lake School begin the year with an exploration of music of other cultures.  They find out what instruments are played, what the music sounds like, fun vocabulary words, and even animals that might be native to that part of the world!  
Students will also learn about Program Music.  This is the genre of music that tells a story, paints a picture, or even makes you feel a certain way!  As a final project, students will work in teams to compose and perform a piece of Program Music for the class!  In addition, students will study the components of musical theatre (character typ
es, history in the arts, musical form, vocabulary, and career possibilities)
by studying "Newsies," "Annie, " and "Into the Woods."  To top off the year, students will create a radio broadcast in which they write a script, create ads, play a song of their c
hoice, and conduct an interview within the time parameters of real radio!  Students will perform their broadcasts live for the class!  

Grade Six Blizzard Bags:

Grade Six Day One:
Grade Six Day Two

Crescent Lake School Drama Club

This year, the CLS Drama Club will be performing "The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanely, Jr." The show will be held April 18 and 19 in the Crescent Lake School Gymnasium.

Rehearsals for all on-stage performers are on Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:45 beginning in November!  Set Crew begins in January!  Stay tuned right here for more information as it becomes available!