Defining Response Parameters

Every service usually returns some data back, it can be a single value or a whole set of values. For example, click on this URL: to see what Twitter search returns. The response is in JSON format.

We recommend to populate response parameters automatically: Auto Populating Response Parameters.

To define response parameters manually, open Response Parameters panel.  Enter one or more output parameter names and click the Add button. The parameter will appear in the list. To mark a parameter to be an array, check Array check box. To define nodes inside the array, click + button in Add Level column.

To add email and name as properties of result, click + icon under Add level for result.

In case you need additional email property (for mapping purposes), it's valid to define the response like this:

When doing service mapping, you will have two email properties which of course will hold the same value.

You can further edit the response as needed. For example, if you have an array and would like to get the first object, you can define the mapping like this: