There are two ways to add a service:
  1. In Projects view, select Create New > Service. Enter service name, select REST Service (selected by default)and click OK.  
  2. In Palette > Services, drag and drop REST Service component into the screen. Click Add new to define a new service. This step will also add the service to a screen
Once a service is created, a service editor will open. A service has the following properties. In most cases, you only need to set the service URL. 

NameService name
URLService URL. For example:
MethodType of request:
  • get
  • post
  • push
  • delete
Data typeWhat is the format of the data returned by the service (json, jsonp, xml). Here is a good article that describes how JSONP works. 
  • json
  • jsonp
  • xml
Content TypeIf Method selected is post or delete, then body content can be set to:
  • json
  • xml
  • x-www-form-urlencoded
Security ContextN/A