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Create new app

Creating new app

To create a new app, simple enter the app name and click Create: 

When a new app is created, it is by default a phone app that includes: 
  • jQuery Mobile components
  • REST services
  • PhoneGap - is a popular library that wraps the mobile web app and gives you access to the device API, thus getting you a native app
  • Export as Android, iOS or HTML/JavaScript/CSS
As this app includes native (PhoneGap) components, it doesn't include hosting

To enable hosting for this app, you will need to change its type

Create app options

If you click More options >>, you wills see a number of options for creating a new app: 

You can select to create:
  • Phone App (default)
  • Tablet App
  • From Backup -- upload an export app

You can also select to create a project based on an example app.