Paul Robinson (aka "happyfunpaul")


The World Wide Web has reached a point where effective tools are available for publishing just about any sort of content one could want: blogs, status updates, photos, and videos are all well-served by a variety of sites.  In such an environment, the point of a static, manually created personal web page is largely lost.  This is particularly true for someone like me, who has a habit of publishing pages, then forgetting they exist for several years, leaving the static content to languish in obsolescence.

If you came here to learn something about me, or get an update on my life, allow me to direct you to any one of those effective tools that I use much more frequently, instead.


Looking for a little more instant gratification?  I'm happyfunpaul on AIM and Yahoo Messenger.  I use the same moniker pretty much everywhere on the web, so if you're on a site not listed above and want to look for me, that's a good way to start!


Paul Robinson