Your Student Government Association at Work

 What is SGA?

SGA is an organization of elected representatives who meet regularly and get involved with administrators, teachers, community and fellow students to make their school a better place, learning leadership skills in the process. 

The Role of SGA:

  • SGA should represent all the students.
  • SGA should be a forum for discussing ideas from all sources: students, teachers, parents and community organizations.
  • SGA should set a good example for the entire school.
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SGA Officers 2015-16

President         Morgan Reber

Vice President  Olivia Dennis

Treasurer          Tucker Garner

Secretary          Chloe Farmer

Historian           Madison Supplee

Advisor            Mrs. Nancy Brady



Mustang Nation will focus on building unity, spirit, and tradition throughout the Governor Mifflin Schools. Inspiring improvement in academic achievement and overall morale of students and faculty. Students, staff, and administration will collectively carry out specific measures to ensure positivity in all aspects of the Governor Mifflin learning environment. Hoping to develop an exceptional Mifflin community, which remains vital to the success of both the school and its students.